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What We Do

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Soup Kitchen

Our Ministries

Our clergy and laypeople alike are involved in a wide range of practical ministries.  We support childrens' homes , chaplaincy programs for those in hospital or in jail, support groups for addiction, and feeding programs for those in need.

Teen study group

Our Faith Communities

Our faith communities vary from small home groups and Bible studies, to support groups, to missionary outreaches, to fully established local parishes/churches.  Regardless of the size, their function is to provide a haven for those seeking to learn and grow in their spiritual life regardless of one's background.


Our Sacraments

As an inclusive community, Christ Communion provides sacraments to all those who come seeking God's grace and blessing.  Recognizing that Christ died for all, we do not discriminate against any individual based on age, ethnicity, gender, identity, or orientation.

Catholic Priest

Our Clergy

Our clergy function as friends and servants to the body of Christ, not lords over it. We seek to encourage and support the work of Christ in whatever way we can, both within and outside of our communion.  We are able to provide spiritual support and covering, not only to clergy who are working within one of our faith communities, but also for those who may be serving in other communities or fellowships as pastors, chaplains, or missionaries.

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