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Praying Together

About Us

We are a tradition rich with progressive Catholic values. Our Faith Tradition is rooted in the early days of Jesus and his teachings on peace, love, justice, and equality. As a two thousand year old church with Apostolic Succession, our tradition believes that faith is dependent on our actions towards the care of the oppressed, disenfranchised, poor, and unwell. We are a church that worships God by living our faith every day of the week, speaking out against injustice and praying for healing in the world by being active believers, committed to loving our neighbors.

We are a Catholic tradition inspired by the works of science and the deepest mysteries of God. Our faith is for believers and skeptics alike, as we have been a sanctuary and refuge to those disaffected by mainstream traditions and politically distorted teachings of Christ for nearly two centuries.

As a progressive Catholic tradition, we believe in ecumenical and interfaith collaboration as an essential way to build a more holistic and loving world in accordance with the Gospels. Throughout our many ministries, we are redefining what it means to be a universal catholic church in a modern world needing prophetic voices. We gather together to worship God and share God’s love in our lives, and to feast on our bountiful blessings through a Eucharistic meal.

We are a tradition of faith and works, love and action, hope and spiritual transformation. Join us. No matter your personal or faith story, your questions or your hope, all are welcome. 

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